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Nancy Nguyen

Informed by Eastern studies and capitalist ideology, Nancy works through the lens of Buddhist practice. Exploring the human experience as it moves between the construct of consumerism and the digital world, she is focused on materializing the human mind through paint. Being exposed to meditation at an early age, the experience has led her to investigate and understand the nature of the human psyche.


Guided by the way color transmits light and mood, the space becomes a reminiscent of monastic halls. The ambiguous forms take the place of deities. Intrinsic motivation finds itself in the gestural marks. Nancy's paintings explore correlations between Buddhist thinking and transcendental art theories where spiritual growth is central in one’s work. The composition become dependent on a dialogue between the ever-changing social climate and the nonphysical space of human emotion and thought, pulling together the language in her work.



San Jose State University, BFA Pictorial Art





Winter 2019, Mural Painting, Women's Facility, San Jose, CA

Summer 2020, MLK Mosaic Mural, Yerba Buena High School, San Jose, CA  

Fall 2021, Mosaic Stairs, Vista Park Hill Community Garden, Hollister, CA  


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