Nancy Nguyen

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Nancy is currently living and working in San Jose, California. As a kid, she picked up writing poetry, reflecting on everyday routines and order.  She later became a part of the Berkeley Buddhist Community. Being exposed to meditation at a young age, Nancy’s experience has led her writing to investigate deeper into the human psyche. Through mystical experiences with meditation and the natural world, Nancy’s writing becomes visual through painting. Using minimalistic forms and gestural marks, her work challenges our perception of light. Dark values become as focal and illuminating as light.


Nancy's recent paintings focus on circle canvases. Her experience with edgeless frames during quarantine has led her to return back to four-sided canvases. Going back and forth between the circle and square shape, she confronts the edge of a painting, transcending the space of an object. The constant reminder of birth and death finds itself in the relationship of color and surface, creating a meditative portal entwined with the anxiety of the modern world.  Searching for stillness is these sorts of chaos, she narrates her vision from a composed and noncomposed process. The compositions become dependent on a dialogue between the ever-changing social climate and the metaphysical space, pulling together the language in her work.



San Jose State University, BFA Pictorial Art





Winter 2019, Mural Painting, Women Facility

Summer 2020, MLK Mosiac Mural, Mt Pleasant High School